February 2, 2015

Ask Allie Podcast: Life Advice with a Metaphysical Twist!

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* Introduction

* Topic: Is My Telepathic Connection Real? 

* Holistic Item of the Week: Re-Union

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  1. Telepathically connected to my ex BF and it creates a pattern that causes us to do the same thing at the same times, think the same, text at the same time, say the same things. Same goals, beliefs, sexually connected telepathically always, he loves me and I feel in my stomach I will marry him, he knows how strong my gut feelings are and how if something was over I would feel no other feelings for it but I feel so much for us therefore him and I are far from being over…. We’ve just begun.

    Cancer Man & Virgo Woman = real life love story starts
  2. I met this amazing man two years ago… Started as friends and worked our way to being perfect for one another in every single way except a few things caused ups and downs like an intruding friend purposely trying to ruin a good relationship to keep his last single friend single. Plus they lived in my boyfriends house and didn’t want their life to change so the living situation got complicated and bizarre. I love this man with all my heart. I worry he will find a woman and be minipulated into a relationship he won’t be happy in if he doesn’t smarten up. He can’t and never has let me go completely. We both have tried to end it perm. . Contact is always made after a short time and sometimes weeks go by and one of us makes contact at the same second the other one was thinking of us. We text at the same time, say the same things, on the same page mentally, SEXUALLY, emotionally …. I want to marry this man, I understand he’s 29 and working hard to conquer his goals (I would never get I the way of that). I am scared I will settle before he comes to his senses….. I am lonely and just want to him to hold me. Two full months went by with 1-2 times he has texted me like on Christmas and New Years and now he is texting me and calling me again a lot just like the other times we ended the “no contact”. He tells me I am wonerful, any man will be lucky to have you, I miss you, I love you, this situation sucks, you are the only one that has ever made me this comfortable sexually and the only one that turns me on at any given moment and it always got better and better more sexually intense with so many different exploding emotions. . I want him to realize he is pushing away something people search a lifetime for. . What can I do to end the torture and begin our future ? I know j can’t “be told”, I just don’t understand what’s holding him back except his living situation and it bothers me when he texts me he will never find what we have with anyone and it’s honestly TRUE I WONT AND IVE TRIED TRUST ME!!! He has tried…. But we always Come back to eachother, coincidence ? I think not. He loves me and I really am in love with him, he doesn’t want to look like a bitch for going back to our relationship in front of the “boys” that don’t understand they were the reason we broke up so they give him a lot of shit for talking to me if they know because they think we should stay broken up because they know they wouldn’t have much more time living with him if we continued the route we were going because our relationship kept getting deeper and deeper emotionally and I am still deeply emotionally invested in this man, I think he is my twin flame, soul mate, he certainly completely completes me in every way I love him. I know he feels the same way, he tells me I’m able to read him even word for word his thoughts I’ll say out loud because I am so connected to him. He can’t hide much from me because I link on to his emotions and he does with mine too. . I wish he realizes this now so we can spend the next couple years living the happy life we both deserve with a partner in crime / together we have more fun and have the most intimate moments that make our fun times that much more amazing together. If only he could read this….. Puerto Rico last year will always be my favorite time with you….. I love you baby. I hope when we see eachother in a few days he will realize how stupid this breakup is and speak up to his loser friend that needs to be babysat by him and catered too always by him, this guy owes him money & it pisses me off because my love gets taken advantage of. I just want to make sure he lives the best life possible and I want to take care of him and satisfy him. He always says Joe telepathically connected we are in every way especially sexually … It feels like extacy.

    When a cancer man meets a Virgo woman means true love and telepathic relations.

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