So what is a Frankenstein?

A Frankenstein is a person made up of the parts of others.

Not physically – that’s gross.

But mentally – emotionally.

How many parts of your life are in place because they were the will of another?

Your career?

Your relationships?

Your house?

Your hopes & dreams?

No one is born a Frankenstein – Frankenstein’s are made.

You need kill the Frankenstein and become whole again.

But where do you begin?

List today’s episode to find out!




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Show’s Notes


Feb 26, 2018

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**Show Format**

* Introduction: :00

*Updates (Energy for the week): 1:16 (2:20)

Energy for the week of Feb 26th











* Weekly Feb 26, 2018, Guides Oracle Card Reading: 7:25

* Topic: Are You A Frankenstein?: 13:08


* Closing remarks: 21:45


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