October 8, 2014

Ask Allie Podcast: Life Advice with a Metaphysical Twist!

**Show’s Format**

Sponsored by: Angel Soul Healer Alex Artman @ www.angelsoulguidance777.com

* Introduction

* Topic: Connecting to Permanent Divinity

* Holistic Item of the Week: Walking Meditation

* Closing remarks

(ps: I know there is an editing mess-up at the end. Every time I tried to fix it I made it worse L)


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Angel Soul Healer Alex Artman @ www.angelsoulguidance777.com


Healing Package Special

– 4 30 min phone readings to discuss what issues you would like to talk about each week.

– Archangel Raphael Healing deck Spread

– Emotional Issues- What needs to be healed

– Mental/psychological- deep underlying issues that need healed/addressed

– Physical- What physically needs healed.

– Universal Message that needs to be worked on, in regards to overall health.

– 30 min candle/crystal healing ceremony

– Aura Reading/ Chakra Assessment

– Written Assessment of action plan for steps needed to take in regards to improve health 1-2 pages


  • Plus as a listener of the ask allie podcast they get a 1 hr healing session each of the 4 weeks as well


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