parallel lives

It’s been awhile since I’ve introduced a new soul connection. But this guy — well let’s say he has a gentle persistence about him.

He commands a room when he enters, but his energy is more like a warm blanket than a bull in a china shop.

In meditation the other day, he stepped in to say, “Hi.”

Alex took my hand and placed it over his heart chakra & he placed a hand on mine. As we streamed green energy to one another, he said, “I will find you.”

Not “I will look,” or “I hope…,” but the definitive “I will.”

I have not “seen” any past lives so far. I had thought I had dreams about future lives. But after talking with a friend, it seems to be parallel lives.

Which, got me thinking about telepathic, dream, and astral sex: when we connect, can we connect to others in our parallel lives? Because if energy is energy & energy is everywhere, then it makes sense that, in theory, you could connect.

And if souls are genuinely limitless energy-wise, connecting to someone in a parallel life will ultimately connect you to that person in this life – as the connection should happen over all the lives in every parallel universe.

The soul says “yay” or “nay” to the soul link that vibrates out to all of the lives.

Pretty trippy.

Having telepathic sex here in this life, all of your lives feel the vibe.

I have a feeling Alex is going to show me a lot in regards to energy, energy streams, and parallel lives. When I learn something new, I will pass it on to you.


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