telepathic permission

You need to give telepathic permission for a person to connect telepathically. The consent happens consciously or soul-wise (this usually is a person who you have a strong past life/soul connection with) Once you allow someone in your head, how do you get them out?

Sometimes it doesn’t work out. The person connects to you and gives you unwanted sexual attention. You’re tired of it; you want them to go away.

But how do you revoke permission?

Is it up to the person connecting to you? HELL NO.

It’s your energy. It’s up to you who is allowed in there and who is not.

Early in my OBE experiences, I met a man who I allowed into my energy. It was fun. But after a while his anytime, anywhere intrusion got to be fucking annoying.

I told him to stop. He projected the energy that he was the dominant force.

Bull shit. I was (and still am) the dominant force.

If anyone refuses to listen to your request to stop, they’re a bottom feeder and need their permission revoked.

4 Ways To Revoke Telepathic Permission

Black Tourmaline

This protective stone emits a defensive shield that deflects unwanted energy & negative forces sending them back to the originator. Wear, carry, or place several rocks in your environment, especially when you sleep & meditate.


When they enter your energy, scream your lungs out – in your head. You know the movies you’ve watched when the woman (or kid) screams and screams. That’s what you want to do – but in your head and not out loud. Scream until you feel them leave. The energy of the scream creates a sharp environment for them to latch on to and it’s uncomfortable for them.

Energy Vortex

When you feel the first hint of them trying to gain access to your energy, imagine that a swirling vortex of white light surrounds you. The light starts at your feet, swirling up around your legs, torso, head, up to a few inches above your head. Keep the tornado of protective light active until they go away.


When they are trying to connect, imagine that your hands are pushing the intruder out of your head. When I do this, I shove the mother fucker out. I do this one quite a bit as men I meet through my work and in social events think that automatically permits them to enter my energy. I don’t think so. They will probably try to come back a few times during the same connect – keep pushing them out.

Keeping someone out of your energy who wants in will take a few times of you kicking them to the curb. So don’t give up when they come back again. Predators are persistent. You must be vigilant.

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  1. I met last two months my neighbor, so cute and beautiful, she’s my opposite sign and since then we have had telepathic sex every night. Both are married with kids …but this is turning like an addiction and now I want to stop it but I can’t…. my wife is suspecting that I’m cheating her, but I’m not. Any ideas to stop this….?

    George Cloon
    1. Hi GC!

      The easiest way I have found to stop is when the urge is there to engage in TS – I find something else to focus my energy & brain on. It’s easier said than done – of course. But if it’s something you really want to stop, then you’ll make the effort. There’s no easy switch to turn it off just as there no switch to turn it on.

      Good luck.
      Allie 🙂


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