Bliss: Owen, Dream Visits, and more Owen

Owen has been around a lot lately. When I say a lot – I mean every flippin` night. Everyone else makes an appearance at one point in time. But with Owen, every single dream visit we are a couple already. Not meeting one another – not trying to figure each other out – a couple complete with love, passion, and problems. Just as if he and I were a couple in our physical reality. Continue reading

Bliss: Ian, Dream Sex and Celtic Jewelry!

I know – what a combo! But hell, the dream I had the other night with Ian was surreal yet a bit off. Let me explain…

The dream began with Ian working at a ice cream or smoothie stand located inside of a mall. It wasn’t in the food court, but outside one of the anchor stores like JcPenney or Macy’s. He looked great – radiant smile, bright blue eyes and great hair:) He had it all going on! Continue reading

Dream Sex, Lightworkers and Step Back!

For people who work with energy on a regular basis, it is very easy to find themselves connected to random people (and clients) during the dream state. During the dream visit or connection, it is very probable that either the client or the lightworker will initiate OBE dream sex. Maybe not on purpose – but with the energy level high it’s easy to slip into OBE sex without even thinking about it. Continue reading

OBE Sex, Connections and Celebrities

Obe sex, connections and celebrities – if I had a dime for every email I have received on this subject I could have vacationed in New Zealand twice by now.

The emails fall into one of two categories… Continue reading