Freakish Energy, Dreams, And Getting Ready For What?

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know all about my “guys” – Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, etc… They have been around since I started writing a blog back in what — 2005? During this time the energy has ebbed and flowed. Any time the energy has surged at me, some big change is on the way. The stronger the surge, the bigger the change. Continue reading

Bliss: Atlantis, The Meadow And Dream Time!

I grabbed my healing wand and closed my eyes – it felt so strange in my hands, like is was bendable – like one of those bendy kid straws you see. As I was at the meadow – it felt like I was bending it, reshaping it, but when I was done at the meadow it was feeling very solid again. Continue reading

Bliss: Dream Sex, Ex, and Prison

Twenty years ago I met a man who changed my life. On one hand, it was in a very good way. He introduced me to energy and the massive influence it has on life. He didn’t do so by telling me about it – he showed me. He had me close me eyes and stick out my left hand (since I write with my right) palm up. After 30 sec I felt intense heat and strong tingling in the middle of my palm. I asked what was going on. He told me to open my eyes. Continue reading