Freakish Energy, Dreams, And Getting Ready For What?

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know all about my “guys” – Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, etc… They have been around since I started writing a blog back in what — 2005? During this time the energy has ebbed and flowed. Any time the energy has surged at me, some big change is on the way. The stronger the surge, the bigger the change. Continue reading

Bliss: Atlantis, The Meadow And Dream Time!

I grabbed my healing wand and closed my eyes – it felt so strange in my hands, like is was bendable – like one of those bendy kid straws you see. As I was at the meadow – it felt like I was bending it, reshaping it, but when I was done at the meadow it was feeling very solid again. Continue reading

Bliss: Bill and Astral Sex

It’s been awhile since I shared personal stories about my OBE adventures with my guys. I love sharing my stories. But in the past, people have read my stories and jump to the conclusion that it’s ok to ask me for a OBE hook up. It’s not ok. So I stopped sharing for that reason. However, I decided to start sharing again with Bliss members since the number of people who read Bliss postings is smaller than those who read the general blog. Continue reading

Bliss: Owen, Dream Visits, and more Owen

Owen has been around a lot lately. When I say a lot – I mean every flippin` night. Everyone else makes an appearance at one point in time. But with Owen, every single dream visit we are a couple already. Not meeting one another – not trying to figure each other out – a couple complete with love, passion, and problems. Just as if he and I were a couple in our physical reality. Continue reading

Bliss: Bill, Ted, OBE Sex and Erotica

On the advice of Joshua, I have decided to start writing an OBE sex erotica novel starring me, Bill and Ted. Although he says I need to change my name to Alex – short for Alexandra – so that I am. It will also have BDSM in it.

So I guess it’s a BDSM OBE sex story with a love triangle. My kind of book. I’m going to write under the pseudonym of Crimson Blu (thanks Lisa J).

This is unfiltered and not edited. I have decided to type what comes up here in the blog. Then when I do publish the book, I will edit – put more in, take some out – depending. So as Bliss members you get the 1st look – and with your comments and feedback, help me shape the story.


The room was dark, but it didn’t seem to bother me, I was used to darkness. The coolness, stillness of the night tantalizes my senses, makes me ooze with anticipation. I am not one to love darkness, but I welcome it when it arrives. For you see when the sun goes down and the moon shines bright, that’s when my life begins.

No, I am not a vampire. Although the thought of a a sharp pointy object being pieced ever so slightly into my neck makes my pulse race and my panties wet — I am just a human with an extraordinary night life. Care to uncover your inner voyeurism and watch?

Bliss members read on… Continue reading